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Thursday, March 15, 2012

What is your favorite Easter Around the World Story?

  "Here comes Peter Cottontail, Hopping down the bunny trail, Hippity Hoppity Easter's On its Way."
  What do you remember about the Easter Season?
   We all may take a trip down memory lane with this one. As a child, every Easter we got all dressed up in our Sunday dress clothes - for girls that meant gloves to match your dress and for boys - All shirts were tucked in!

  The biggest part of our Easter morning was spent trying to get mom to hurry up and get dressed so we could (we didn't care that she had been up most the night boiling and coloring Easter eggs) find all those hidden Easter eggs that had been so diligently placed within our sight and small hands reach.
  Dad was normally as excited as we were. He loved to watch the looks on our faces and he always stood next to the eggs that were harder for us to see and find.


Easter Around the World & The Easter Bunny

  Specially designed baskets were perched near the door so that when we left to pick up grandparents and meet aunts, uncles and cousins, those special baskets weren't left behind. The local church sponsored a yearly Easter egg hunt. Since we lived in a small town, no one was left out of the 'hunt.' Our little town had it's own Easter Around the World and always included everyone in the search for eggs and toys.
  That year was special for us because they had an Easter Bunny coming and we had never seen one before, but like fairies and Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, we knew he was REAL. I can still smell the green grass growing in the sun from that day.
  For the next two years I talked about that Easter Bunny. I imagined all sorts of things about her- where she lived, how many carrots she ate, what she wore, how long it took her to get Easter eggs out to all the boys and girls, I even imagined a special Easter bunny Cart that helped get that Easter bunny everywhere.
  And then someone took that beautiful image and killed it - like a knife to the heart, I was devastated by his explanation that the Easter Bunny wasn't real.
What makes me laugh, today is that a stuffed Easter bunny was the first gift my wife ever gave me. Even though the days of childhood are gone, the Easter holiday remains precious to us in many ways.

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