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Friday, March 30, 2012

Some ideas to create effective storage options in your kid’s room!

  All parents will agree with me that keeping their kids room tidy is really tough. They play with a toy and soon get bored, then leave it where it is and carry on with the other toys and other activities and finally at the end of the day. When you look at the room it’s a disaster, you feel like running away rather than face the fact that it’s you who has to clean it before your kid rampages it again the next day!

  A few changes in the room will make it clean and a better place. At least it will be easier to clean. Here are some effective storage ideas that can keep the place considerably better off.

  The first and the most important thing to do, is not to put a lot of storage options like many small drawers or many shelves. Kids are never going to put things in their respective drawers and whenever you need to find things you will need to check all the host of drawers and finally find the thing somewhere else. So keep it minimal.

A mini bucket for stationery on the desk
  A mini bucket or a big tumbler on a desk can be used to keep all the crayons, colors, brushes, the pencils and similar stationery items; it will be easy to fetch things from the bucket. This bucket should be placed on the desk where you child usually sits for homework and other drawing and art activity. You can have a small container to hold the smaller things like rubbers, sharpeners smaller crayons, paper clips and so on.

A room tidy can also be great help
  A room tidy is one of the best ideas for kid’s rooms, if you need to tidy it in a jiffy, just pick up all the toys and put them in the tidy. Either you can buy a conventional room tidy from the market, or make it at home, if you still have the cradle when your kid was small you can use that for keeping all the toys. An old wooden chest would also prove useful and can be a great room tidy.

Locker room style cabinets for boys
  Leave as much floor space as possible without any hindrance or obstacles. The boy’s room can have locker room style storage. In this case they do not need to keep every thing tidy just hang things or throw them in the drawers.

Space saving storage
  It is very common and also effective to have a drawer under the bed for storage. If the bed is at a height like in some modern homes then you can have big drawers piled up to form a stair case (they should be affixed together properly if you are customizing) So it will be easier to climb up and also add on as an effective storage.

Reading corner
  Do your kids love reading? If you have a lot of books for them then you can create a reading corner in the room with a shelf for the books and a comfortable seating arrangement right next to it. A bean bag can be great idea. This will ensure that the book goes straight into the shelf after use.

  The kid’s room and storage furniture should definitely be in colors that are bright and lovely. Balance them out with white or other muted colors so that the colors do not look strikingly bright. Your kids can also do the tidying up do not always volunteer to do it for them!! Let them learn the virtue of cleanliness and keeping things tidy.

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