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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Outdoor Living in your backyard!

Fairies and gardens go hand in hand, and gardens are not complete without beautiful fairy water fountains to create a magical scene that can be enjoyed by all.
Thanks for modern innovative, lightweight but strong, materials like resin and fiberglass, garden fountains, once exclusively for the rich, are now affordable to all.
Bring your backyard to life with outdoor water features
Garden fairy fountains are wonderful to look at, as well as providing a sanctuary for birds in hot weather.
What can be nicer that a fairy proudly looking down on her feathered friends, preening and splashing about in the water.
Relax and listen to the gentle bubbling sounds of the water as it trickles downwards on its never-ending path, while the bird-song adds to the symphony of nature at its finest, right there in your yard.
Fairy lovers everywhere will love the addition of garden fountains, bringing your own little magical paradise in the outdoor space of your home, alive.

Fairy Solar Water Fountain

Fairy Solar Water Fountain

Sitting roughly 3.5' tall, this lightweight resin garden fountain is solar-powered, and simplicity personified to install.
Weighing just 25lbs it is easy to move around until you find the prefect position for it in your garden or yard.
All it requires is a light position nearby on which to place the solar panel to catch any sunlight rays around.
Solar panels pick up UV rays even on dull, cloudy days, provided they are placed in the brightest position and are not overhung by trees or buildings which will block the receptors.
The Fairy Solar Water Fountain features a birdbath base in which our avian friends can ruffle their feathers.
On this outdoor decorative sculpture is a pair of fairy sprites stop a bed of climbing vines and flowers.
No water supply is need, Simply top up the water as an when required during dry spells.
Fairy Maiden Water Fountain

Lighted Fairy Fountain


Lighted Fairy Fountain
Sitting just under 9 1/4" high, this beautiful solar fairy fountain will make a spectular show in your garden.
It features A lavender fairy pauses beside an enchanted waterfall, delighting in the water's soothing song. Lighted fountain adds story book fascination to your home, office or garden!

Just position in a bright spot in your garden or terrace for a continuous display.

Fiberglass fairy maiden garden water fountain

Fairy Maiden Water Fountain (fiberglass)

Who could fail to fall in love with this beautiful fiberglass fairy maiden outdoor water fountain?
Standing 43" tall, this statuesque garden fountain will look simply stunning in anyone's yard or garden.
The water pump is electrically-powered, and so a cable will need to be run to it, but the result will be well worth it.
The fiberglass structure of the fountain makes it wind and weather-proof and so should continue to be a superb centrepiece in your garden for years to come.
As garden water features go, this is one of the best.
The water cascades from an urn which is held by the maiden and through tiers of open blossoms before it reaches the bird bath basin below.

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