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Home Organizing Ideas

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Are you tired of the clutter?

Do you want to organize your life?

Well I have a few organizing ideas that may help you make it happen.

There are many products and services available - tons of books,professional organizers,all types of gadgets and closet systems .... but which ones are best? And how do you know if  they will work for you?

All of my home organizing ideas come from research and better yet -experience. So if your buried under a pile of laundry that has to be picked up. Having an organized home means everything is in its place - you never have to obsess about it ever again. There are many advantages to being organized such as:

  a)  Decreases stress: Which allows you to have more time to enjoy the things that you love

  b)  Develops good time management skills you can use everyday at home or on the job.With our busy lives and hectic schedules organizing your home is no longer a luxury-it's a necessity! Organization means something to everyone. For me , it's a feeling. I organize so that I don't feel stressed or frantic because I'm looking for something at the last minute. It helps me stay calm, balanced and in control. If you want to organize rooms in your home, I can show you how  to get that feeling too.

I'll share great home organizing ideas so that you too can organize rooms in your home, clear the clutter and live an organized life.  Your kids, can't find that important school paper or you looking for your car keys  - don't despair! Help is here with great home organizing ideas to the rescue!

The key to organizing clutter is understanding the "behaviors" that are causing the clutter and replacing them with positive skills that will organize every area of your life.

What You Can Do Now:

Were you too busy over the holiday to give your closet the attention it needed to be organized?

Then, it's time to clean up the clutter! Find out the best ways to:

Well, I must say that people have commented on my organized closets. I
just get one closet organizing idea after another. I wouldn't have it any other way - I love to have everything in it's place.

If there is one thing that I don't like is when I'm searching for something and can't find it. Well, my goal is to provide you with a comprehensive way to clean your closet..

 Closet Organizing Ideas

   I believe you should measure your closet, planning the space and taking inventory of your items - including a printable inventory list to take right to your closet and start today! If you are in the beginning phase and just thinking about organizing your closet or ready to take the first step. You must have a vision.

   The Wall and Walk in Closet Designs offers their own and different advantages and disadvantages, even the best closet organizing idea won't work if you realistically don't have enough space. If you have done everything you could to organize you closet and still need more space then you need to find out what other options are available.

The Best Closet Storage Idea -
Store it Right the First Time

My best closet storage idea comes from a value I had been taught when I was little. And that is...do things right the first time. If you want to
keep your belongings clean and well maintained (and I know you do!) you must store them properly the first time around. Believe me when I say your clothing will not forgive you.

Should I mention, if you have to store your clothes in the first place and have already organized your closet then you need to ask yourself these questions...

 Do I really need all of my clothes?

    Do all of my clothes fit me?

    Are they free of stains, rips and are in generally good condition?

    Are they in style and will I wear them again?

    Have I worn them in the last year?

If you answered no to any of these questions you need to evaluate the need for extra storage as opposed to donating the pieces of clothes in good condition and retiring to the garbage those that are not.

If you find you genuinely need to store some clothes then its on to the closet storage idea list:
The Closet Storage Idea List

    Do place only clean clothes in storage. Even if clothes appear clean machine wash or dry clean prior to storage. Some stains are not always easily seen or come out in time and cause items to stain or yellow permanently.

    Don't store clothes in dry cleaning bags - especially leather. The bags hold onto humidity again causing clothes to yellow over time.

    Use the right type of hanger to maintain the proper shape of the garment.

    Don't hang sweaters or anything knitted or crocheted. They are best folded in order to keep their original shape.

    Store folded items in fabric bags so that the fabric can breath while keeping out pests.

    Use padded hangers for linen or delicate lingerie or robes.

    Any keepsake items such as children's clothing should be kept in a cedar chest after folded. For an extra added touch fold using acid free tissue paper.

    Try to store clothing in an environment that is constant in temperature and low humidity. Avoid a damp basement or unpredictable attic if at all possible.

    Wool, silk, feather, and cotton all attract pests - particularly moths. Although using cedar hangers, cedar balls, or moth balls will all deter these pests they cannot eliminate them all together. Your best option is a cedar lined closet or chest.

If you choose to implement one closet storage idea please just remember to take your time and do it right. The work of moving your clothes for the season can definitely pay off in the extra room you aquire and the clean and properly maintained clothes that you unpack from storage the next season.

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