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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Create Your Outdoor Style for your Porch

Design Your Porch with Planters, Pots, and More

Your porch is the one section of the house you can not ignore. It’s the first thing you see when you arrive at your home. It’s also one of the most ideal places to entertain guests, especially when the winds are cool or the weather is temperate. And because it does play an integral role, it is essential you also give adequate attention to it, similar to what you do to your bedroom and living room. For one, you can adorn porches with wind chimes. If you’re willing to do more, you can include planters, pots, and other yard decors.
Wind chimes and Dream Catchers — these are the most common decors you will find on most porchs. Perhaps it’s because the porch has the best access to winds, and depending on the chimes you have picked (there are many of them, such as bamboo wind chimes and wooden wind chimes) they can be very responsive, producing soothing tinkling music. Their swaying movements are interestingly therapeutic, diverting your attention from your worries to a state of calmness.
Planters and Pots

However, windchimes aren’t the only accessory you can use to spice up your porch and make it even more welcoming. Flower pots can make great centerpieces especially beneficial for people who sadly don’t have any yard to speak of. You cannot allow space to prevent you from creating your own garden, even right at your own porch.

You can free up a lot of space and still have more for your flowers, herbs, and shrubs by using Wagon Wheel Planters. These planters are composed of three small wooden pots hung together to a wheel frame on top of the planter. They are not only unique-looking, they also go well with wooden wind chimes.

The Bicycle Plant Stand, on the other hand, can add a little vintage touch to your porch. It’s also one of the easiest ways to convert your porch into a small open cottage. The stand’s wheels are made from wrought iron, twisted and curled to make them whimsical and old-fashioned.

You can also use planters and pots to pay tribute to special occasions in your life. You could symbolize the birth of your lovely daughter through Bloom Baby Bloom. Painted in light pink, the triple pots can be gentle reminders on the pains — and joys — of your motherhood.

Your choices of planters and pots can also be based on the seasons. The varied splashes of light colors of Flowers Feed the Soul Planters are just what you need for springtime. Enjoy the season!

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