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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Is Here! How to Decorate a Small Space: Decorating a Travel Trailer or RV.

Spring is not officially here yet, but the weather here in sunshine state is definitely warming up. Our trees in the backyard is starting to green up. The weather man said the other day that winter is over and we are warming up already. It is nice , but I don’t like it when it goes up to the 90s. So, hopefully we will have a beautiful spring this year. Anyway, it is nice time to go camping and do outdoor stuff. I am pretty sure that people who have RV’s are starting to get them ready for adventure.

Whether you call yours a motor home, recreational vehicle (RV), travel trailer, or camper, the interior décor of a dwelling with wheels is what makes it a mobile home-away-from home.
Update pre-owned recreational vehicles easily by replacing the existing furniture and decorations or make brand-new vehicles straight from the dealer’s lot more uniquely you by personalizing the contents to reflect your lifestyle and interests.

Tips for Decorating the Inside of a RV

Let's talk about decorating a motor home in quick, inexpensive style. We'll start by discussing few basics of how to decorate a small space;

  • Limit clutter: Keep counter tops clutter free and limit the decorations and accessories in other areas to open up the interior and make rooms look more spacious. Dark shades make spaces appear smaller, while light shades make spaces look larger and more inviting.
  • Use one main theme: Focus on one or two decorating themes or a favorite art print or sculpture rather than trying to re-create your permanent home’s interior.
  • Window treatments rock your style: Curtain and window treatments add elegance. Sheer, lightweight fabrics let light in and give the illusion of space and openness, but still provide privacy.
  • Add punches of color: Accent rugs used in high traffic areas not only decorate but help to protect the investment and resale value of a recreational vehicle. As a bonus, they trap dirt and other debris and cut cleaning chores in half.
  • Keep it simple: Focus on main areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms when decorating travel homes. Most of these rooms come with furniture, so only a few accent touches are needed to complete the décor.
  • Light up your life: Wall mounted lighting is functional as well as decorative. Use light to make small areas appear larger.

Decorating Small Spaces in Motor Homes and Travel Trailers

Bathrooms are easy to decorate, but avoid the temptation to go overboard in these compact spaces.
Matched sets of towels and some bathroom counter-top organizers are enough for most bathrooms.
Look for triangle shaped items like toothbrush holders to utilize corner spaces, nook, or niches.
(See the images to the right for examples.You can purchased these at your local "dollar" store, which made them extremely cheap but chic accessories)

Kitchens are the heart of most homes, and a motor home is no exception.
Collapsible storage items like boxes or plate cradles not only provide easy access and save space, but they can be very decorative.
Choose from collapsible sink drainers, trivets, measuring cups, or other essentials. Colorful plastic crates add a splash of color and fun to small spaces.

Decorating a your RV: Easy As 1-2-3

Decorating a motor home is easy! Choose a few favorite pieces to showcase, add some inexpensive accent pieces, and tie it all together with functional items like storage boxes and counter-top organizers.
Follow these three tips for success:
  1. Keep it simple: Use one main theme and a few key pieces; take advantage of under-utilized spaces.
  2. Plan it on paper first: Draw a floor plan of the motor home and then sketch in the decor items and their placement.
  3. Buy multifunctional items: Focus on collapsible storage bins or reversible throws and pillows that are decorative as well as utilitarian.
Creating an environment where you enjoy spending time is the goal of decorating your travel home. No matter what the theme or size of the budget, make it uniquely you, and dress it up with small touches of home.

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