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Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to deal with Small Space in an Apartment

One of the biggest drawbacks of apartments is often the lack of space in most rooms, although an open floor plan does wonders for the square footage issues. For most of us, overcoming a small space challenge in an apartment can be achieved in a few different ways, depending on factors like budget, style and decor, the room we are designing, and personal taste.
Although there are dozens of ways to make a small space feel bigger, there are few ways to actually improve the size of the room or the storage capacity thereof outside of major construction. This is often not even possible in a rental apartment, so instead you have to find other solutions to the small apartment space problem. Here are some tips to help you overcome your own apartment space obstacles.
1. Multifunctional should become your new favorite word.
Whether you are looking for something to fulfill your storage needs or a place to create a modern focal point, multifunctional pieces fill a variety of needs and make great choices in a small apartment. They are the perfect furniture idea regardless of what style and decor you utilize, and are a great way to introduce contemporary design with multifunctional style. The cost depends on what you purchase and where, but on average you will pay no extra for multifunction versus traditional single purpose furniture pieces.

2. Multipurpose should be your next favorite word.
Furniture ideas that can serve more than one purpose with a simple transformation are very valuable in a small space environment. Many different retailers offer great pieces, especially for the living room, that transform from seating to tables, such as chairs and loveseats. For those who love sleepovers but do not have a guest bedroom, keep the dream alive with furniture that can turn into a quick bed, such as sofas with pullouts and even ottomans that turn into child-friendly beds. The more you can do with a piece, the more value that it offers for an apartment with limited space.

3. Use all available space, from floor to ceiling in some rooms.
Some of the trendiest furniture styles offer more, in every sense of the word, from taller and wider to deeper and multifunctional. While big, bulky pieces may not function in a small apartment, you can go higher than you might have thought possible before reading these helpful tips. For example, consider floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in your living space, especially units that offer drawers or doors at the bottom or sides of the unit for multifunctional design.
4. Use decorator secrets to make your small space look much larger.
Just because an apartment is small does not mean you have to make it look smaller and more cramped with large, over-sized furniture, or dark shades on the walls. Keep the room feeling more spacious with minimalist designs, from the bare essentials in furniture to bright, clean feeling colors and accessories. Sleek lines and contours are great for making a small space seem less problematic. Strive to eliminate wall clutter by using on large piece of wall decor as a focal point: I hope this helps!

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