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Saturday, April 28, 2012

You visit your bathroom several times a day, it should be a nice experience!

   Small bathrooms need a little special touch! The average person sees the inside of their bathroom more often than their bedroom (because the bedroom is used mainly for sleeping), yet it seems bedrooms get more attention when it comes to decorating, I say lets fix that! Although small bathrooms and half bathrooms can be challenging to remodel, they’re just as fun as large bathrooms. With a little creativity, you can turn a cramped bathroom into a beautiful, functional space that fetches a high return on investment.

     It's true that a small bathroom can feel cozy and intimate. But it can also feel claustrophobic and depressing. Depending on your decorating style, it can be quiet and sophisticated, charming, or sparkling like a jewel box. No matter what style you decorate your small bath, though, it will always be a small bath. But with a bit of visual magic, color change, and lighting, you can transform your small bath into a cozy retreat.

1) Hang a candle sconce on the wall for ambiance.There's nothing like the ambient glow while soaking in the tub after a hard days work. Choose scented candles to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

2) A vanity cabinet provides nice storage under a sink, but takes up lots of floor space in a small bath. Replacing the vanity with a pedestal or wall-mounted sink can be be fairly inexpensive. Your bath will definitely feel more open. Find alternative storage space with a small shelf or organize a nearby linen closet. When you remove the vanity cabinet, you'll probably have to repair the flooring.
3) If your space will hold it, get a larger mirror to place in front of the bathroom sink. The mirror will reflect all the light in the room, and pick up the color and pattern. You might consider a collection of mirrors arranged artistically in the place of one large mirror.
4) Over the toilet cabinets range in price, but you can get one for right around $100 brand new. They are more stylish than medicine cabinets and usually store much more. Several of them have at least one open shelf as well as a flat space on top. Place a few knickknacks or a decorative basket or two for your smaller items to fit in to add style. If there's enough clearance between the top shelf and the ceiling, consider placing a candle on top. Place your best towels on the shelf for added design.
5) Give them something to read and without wasting space and have fun. Place a cork board or piece of plywood on the wall near the toilet. Wrap it in a solid color of wrapping paper. Each week clip your families favorite comics and place your favorite page on the board with thumbtacks.
Use your imagination and dress up the corners with tiny bows or flowers.

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