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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why You Should Choose Round Dining Tables Over Square!

Round dining tables have many advantages over the more traditional square ones that have been used throughout history. I use to think of King Arthur when they think of a round table, and for very good reasons that are every bit as relevant today as they were the first time those stories were told. While some people consider space the most important factor in a table, others think about how well their families will be able to use them. From their versatility to how they influence the social dynamic of people sitting around them, round dining room tables have several advantages that are well worth considering before the final decision is made. Consider the following reasons why you may want to consider round dining tables the next time you go furniture shopping.

Round Dining Tables Are More Casual

In the past, the ideal dining setup was a long rectangular dining room table. The head of the household would sit at the head of the table and everyone else would sit along the sides. While this works very well in a more authoritarian dining setting, today’s family is much more relaxed and casual than has been true in the past.

Rounded tables hearken back to Arthurian legends in which a round table was used so that no one was put in a position of greater importance than another. This is very fitting when you consider the much more casual dining environment that most modern families enjoy. This is also why you will see round tables used more often in restaurants where social interaction is encouraged.

In the case of small round dining tables, it creates a more acute sense of intimacy than you would experience with a square table. Whenever there is a scene of a romantic dinner between two people, it almost always takes place at a small, round dining table rather than at a square one.

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