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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Tuscan Style Kitchen Offers Old-World Charm and a Taste of Italy

  Nothing is quite as relaxing and intimate as a Tuscan style kitchen.  The look is warm and inviting, rich and filled with natural elements.  Whether you are building a new home or simply want to give new life to an older kitchen, you will find this decor theme beautiful and comfortable.
Many families spend more time in the kitchen than they do in the family or living room.  For this reason, you want your kitchen to be as relaxing and appealing as possible.  The tips below will help bring a taste ofItalyto your kitchen.
Earthy colors – the basis of all things Tuscan
  The colors typically found in a Tuscan themed custom kitchen include those found in nature.  Olive green, terra cotta, chocolate brown and of course wine shades, since grape vines and wine bottles are essential in this style of decorating.
You can use any variation of these colors depending on your preferences; just remember that the colors should closely mimic those you find outdoors, perhaps even in a vineyard.
Furnishings are rustic and solid
  Wrought iron and rough-hewn wood are typically found in the Tuscan kitchen; the look is old and elegant.  A heavy rustic wood table decorated with a Tuscan inspired tablecloth is warm and inviting.
If your kitchen is large enough, consider an antique wood pie safe or an old wooden table as a center island used for chopping and other tasks.
  Wrought iron is an essential element of the Tuscan style kitchen.  Chandeliers, wine racks, even a wrought iron pot holder hanging from the ceiling add charm and old-world atmosphere.
  As far as cabinetry goes, consider glass front doors or no doors at all.  This will allow you to add decor and color to the room through spices and oils, ceramic dishes, colorful plates and all of those goodies you normally keep behind closed doors.  This look is what makes the Tuscan kitchen so rich and appealing.
Stone, pottery and other essentials
  To achieve the most authentic look in a Tuscan kitchen, consider stone floors or stone-like ceramic tiles.  Clay pottery, bronze, wrought iron and other natural elements bring the look to life, and add further to the natural appeal of a Tuscan themed kitchen.
Wrought iron drawer handles add additional depth to the look.  Terra cotta pots and planter stands filled with natural herbs like basil, rosemary and oregano are essential for an authentic Italian kitchen.
Spice up the walls
  The wall decor is central to the Tuscan style kitchen.  Wrought iron accents, wine and grape prints, even hammered copper pots and pans hang on the walls, lending to the intimate atmosphere and ambiance of the room.  This is clearly a room that is well used.
  Wrought iron candle sconces are a nice touch as well; consider hanging them on both sides of a beautifully crafted vineyard scene.
  Soft, ambient lighting is another essential in the Tuscan kitchen.  Try to avoid bright fluorescent lights, opting for a warm glow that offers an intimate feeling to the room.
  Bringing a bit of Italy to your kitchen isn’t hard; look through magazines and online for more ideas that will help you transform your kitchen in to a show place.  For a warm, inviting atmosphere that draws everyone to the kitchen, nothing beats Tuscan decor.

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