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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Protecting your Home while on Vacation!

  We all work hard to buy or rent home of our own, and for most of us it takes us nearly all our lives to get to this stage in life. Then what with the furniture and the odd renovation it takes a lot of work and money and a big investment of our time to have this dream become a reality.  Therefore we do not want anything to destroy that dream home once we have it.
  For that reason when we decide to get away from our work and enjoy a relaxing holiday, away from all the stresses of everyday life. It takes a lot of planning and organization before that can happen to protect our home.  In some circumstances if you own your own business it is even more difficult finding a reliable person to manage the business for you.
   Once the arrangements are made whether you are going away for a week or six weeks it is very important to know that your home will be safe while you are away.  What with so many burglaries and break and enters happening we all need to be very cautious and do as much as possible to make sure we have all bases covered.

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Protecting your Home where possible

  I hope to share a few ideas on how to do just that.

  Notify the post office to hold all mail until you come back. Or have a neighbor collect all mail when they get theirs, that way it will not be advertising that no one is home.

  Cancel all deliveries of newspapers, and remember to notify your local delivery newspapers too. Or again ask neighbors to pick up off front lawns. There is nothing worse than seeing newspapers lying on lawn to advertise you are away for the day or any length of time.
Rubbish Bins

  Organize for someone to put rubbish bins out and bring in on same day. Never leave rubbish in bins, this rubbish could also encourage blowflies.

  Have a timer fitted so that different lights come on in different rooms on alternate nights. This will make it look like someone is home in the evening.

Ask your neighbors if they would mind parking their cars on your driveway. This will make the burglar think someone is there, although they are very brazen these days it still may help as a determent.

  Organize someone to mow the lawns while you are away and remove any winter growth of weeds.
Notes and Messages

  How many times have you gone out for the day and come home to find a message left on your door. Ask someone to check there is none left on your door as this will be a dead giveaway.
Notify your friends

  Tell your friends that you will be away; they could also have a look around and make sure that everything is alright as they are driving past.
  Yes, these will stop anyone from getting in but if you see them closed everyday when normally they are open what does this suggest to the burglar?


  No matter what you do if someone really wants to get into your home they will find a way.  Burglars get into homes while inhabited, so being away just makes it more convenient and less trouble for them.

  At least if we do all of the above, then we know we have done everything we can do.  One last thing!  Make sure you have paid all the insurances and licenses before you go.  You don’t want to come back and find that your car is no longer registered or that you were driving without a license.  Have a safe and happy holiday!!!

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