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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Design Your Bedrooms Just the Way You Want

Emphasizing on the current statistics, it has been observed that majority of homeowners live in a house with a limited space. Whatever may be the reason behind these statistics, but the queries of designing interiors with such limited space are increasing rapidly. Spacious bedrooms are a dream for every home owner, but the problem of lesser space still continues to be a part of designing.
However, there are several techniques which can assist in designing the small bedrooms so that they can look more spacious and comfortable. Various aspects should be kept in mind while making a small bedroom look compact and yet spacious. Some of these important features include

Color combinations in the room always catch the attention of people. If the room size is small, then vibrant and flamboyant colors help to divert the mind. Usually, people prefer to have lighter shades on the walls for a small bedroom, but it is not necessary all the time. Lighter shades do not add to the space, but they are just a way to make the atmosphere livelier. However, if there is a good source of natural light in the room, then people can even opt for some jazzy and dark colors. Combinations like blue with white, coffee brown with white or lavender with white can easily go with small bedrooms and they also help to add a character to the room.
One can choose the best theme for the room and can experiment to have a new accent inside. The best way to make a small room look elegant is to opt for a theme with less furniture that can be placed evenly in the bedroom. This makes the room look spacious and stylish, at the same time.
Furniture eats a lot of space in the rooms. For a small bedroom, people should opt for furniture that is both flexible and stylish at the same time like convertible coffee tables in the room can solve the purpose for storage, as well. This makes the room look spacious and does not block the foot traffic also. Reclined sofa, convertible beds and multi-purpose coffee tables are some excellent choices for small bedrooms.
These are some features which should always be kept in mind while designing small bedrooms. Apart from this, people should also make arrangements for natural lighting and artificial lighting sources to have the perfect ambience. Designer rugs, vases and chandeliers can also facilitate in making the room look more elegant and classy. If the bedroom is accompanied with some other rooms, then people can opt for having beaded curtains so as to separate the areas. This gives an illusion of extra space in the house and helps to make the room look bigger than actually what it is. So, reflect upon some of these important characteristics and give a new definition to your small space bedrooms. Be sure to shop at Family Pantry Collectibles for smart home accents.

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