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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why Shop at online stores such as Family Pantry Collectibles?

Avoid the Crowds

  Are you tired of fighting the crowds every year around the holidays? If so, then turn to the internet for some great buys. The internet offers a slew of entrepreneurs who are trying to find their niche in the e-commerce world, especially during this time of economic chaos.

   It is amazing how many store fronts are out there offering their services and selling their handmade wares. They have spent laborious hours setting up shop, getting things ready, just for shoppers like you. Sure, you can shop on eBay and find just about anything, Amazon and Overstock.com also offer good deals, but what about helping develop the small B2C (business to consumer) sites? These are the stores that will offer you personalized service, unique gifts, and a sense of satisfaction because they care about their customer. After all, your purchase is what helps keep their store thriving, not to mention, when you shop from the entrepreneurs personal site, you aren’t making the conglomerates rich, you are actually putting money back into society (the small “mom & pop” shop) where it belongs. Be sure to look us up on facebook during your travels.

Safety Before Shopping

  However, before you explore these great gift sites, you should be well-versed on “shopping safely” on the internet. The internet is a big place and unfortunately there are a lot of people caught up in scams in the world today. So, before you get comfy and start clicking on sites searching for the perfect gift, utilize a few safety tips to ensure that you are perusing safely.

Safe Site Codes

Safety Before you Click

  • Green Check Mark - site has been tested and is safe
  • Gray Question Mark - site has not been tested, so use caution
  • Yellow Exclamation Mark - there may be some risk issues, use caution or possibly avoid these sites (why take the chance?)
  • Red X - stay away from these sites. They will infect your computer
Web Page Safety
Once on a web page look for some type of safety seal such as:
  • Site Lock Secure
  • VeriSign Trust Seal
  • McAfee Secured
  • Trust Guard
Just to name a few.

Great Gift Sites

  Now that you know the safety rules, sit back, get comfy, and start perusing these great sites for some unique gift giving ideas for this Holiday season. Avoid the hassle of driving in the traffic, fighting for parking, the rude shoppers, and the exhausting hunt for one item. Instead, let your fingers do the work - and in the process of shopping the "big" sites, don't forget about the little entrepreneurs who is trying to make a living for themselves and their families.
Happy Shopping!

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