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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Organizing your kitchen?

Organizing your kitchen should be pretty high up on the list of your organization projects. Why? Because
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your "new" kitchen can change the way you and your family functions on a daily basis.

It is the most used room in the home. It is the center of many activities- eating, entertaining, daily family gatherings. Every member of the family uses it.

Now is the time it's time to think about ways to organize your kitchen...

Organizing Your Kitchen

    The Pantry - This is the food storage area of the kitchen. It is possible to make this area more efficient whether you are using a set of drawers or a walk-in closet for your pantry. One of my chores this past week was organizing the pantry. It was a horrible mess! I had put off cleaning it, and the resulting disorganization was overwhelming. Nothing was in its place. Items were thrown wherever there was room, it was a real mess!                                                                                                                                                                                     
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Just think had the pantry been organized, it would have saved time, money and a needless trip to the grocery store. An example; One evening I was making tacos, went to get the {Senora Verde} Taco Sauce  and couldn't find it. I thought we were out, I went  to the neighborhood grocery store. Searching through a disorganized pantry can be mind boggling when all you're looking for is one item! Also keep your items update and rotated. Have one shelf for cereals, one for canned foods, one for spices and another for prepared boxed meals such as macaroni and cheese. If you need to, you can split a shelf between for different foods. Be sure to keep the multiples of each food together so you can see at a glance how much of something you have. Store taller items on the back of the shelves. This makes them easier to see, thus easier to find.

The Cupboards - This is where you keep the tools and accessories you need to cook on a daily basis. If you find your plastic containers fall out of the cupboard every time you open it then it is time to find ways to get the most storage out of your cupboard space when you start organizing your kitchen.

    The Kitchen  -Should be kept clean and safe for all members of the home. Remember the kitchen is the center of alot of activity. So when designing and organizing keep in mind that The kitchen can be dangerous place. Not only are you working with hot surfaces, and boiling liquid, but you're handling sharp knives and utensils that can injure you in a second. So let's learn how to stay safe in the kitchen.

    Recipes - Over the years I have accumulated many recipes and frankly was running out of space to keep them anymore. I find that storing them on an home computer is rather handy.

When organizing think about the activities besides cooking that will be taking place in the space. Also, keep in mind the ages of everyone using the kitchen on a daily basis. How can you make it more convenient for everyone to get the most out of the space? The effectiveness of your kitchen depends on how well your space is organized. Your kitchen is the biggest asset to your home. It is the most sought after room in the home when buying a new home.

So, when organizing your kitchen start off with a workable plan. Once you have done this you can do a new project every day or week if you are short on time. Organize your pantry one week and the cupboards the next for example. But the best thing you could do is start - make that first step and the rest will follow. The result?? A functional,organized space that the whole family will enjoy.

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